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    LSHTM Press Statement of Intent


    Launched in 2022, LSHTM Press is committed to accessibility and inclusivity for authors and readers. Centrally funded by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), with no shareholders, our aim is to increase the breadth of published research and its dissemination and accessibility worldwide, so that people globally can find and access the information they need without barriers.

    Additionally, we aim to promote equitable partnerships, for instance by questioning primary research that is conducted within a country yet the published outputs fail to recognise local researchers or infrastructure. We acknowledge that in recent years improvement have been seen in the inclusion of local authors; however, the persistence of structural barriers and inequalities in authorship arrangements on academic papers, the selection of peer reviewers, and editorial boards still remain.

    Coming into existence at a time when the colonial past and the ongoing legacy of many global public health institutes, such as LSHTM, have been brought to the forefront of discussions on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), LSHTM Press has the unique opportunity to address some of the challenges to EDI in academic publishing head on, as well as to developing in accordance with the needs of researchers, and not shareholders.

    The role of publishers and journals

    The issue of equitable partnerships and entrenched inequalities within global public health extends well beyond publishing; however, as a publisher, we acknowledge our role and power in promoting EDI and strive towards positive change.

    Journals and their editors have a key role in driving research agendas, through the selection of which articles are published and which are rejected. These decisions can impact the career progression of researchers, with publications often used as a metric of success in academia.

    LSHTM Press recommendations

    LSHTM Press is committed to acknowledging issues of inequity in academic publishing, and to our role in promoting EDI in all that we do. We will do this by requiring authors and editorial boards to adopt practices that seek to remove barriers and promote equity. We specify these practices below.

    Author recommendations

    Editorial Board recommendations

    In addition to these recommendations, the LSHTM Press will commit to the following principles of accessibility and reusability

    LSHTM Press is committed to fairer and more equitable publishing. Thus, we commit to: